I am sitting here writing this on the most beautiful spring morning, the course work has been completed in record time and all by 2 greens staff! A huge vote of thanks must go to Grant and Aaron for their hard work and dedication to Rusper., the greens are already recovering well and the course is in excellent shape over all. Please may I remind you all to repair your pitch marks and replace divots, we all need to do our bit to support Grant and this is such a small thing that goes a long way to help!

Despite requests for mid week competitions there seems little interest in Tuesday and Thursday roll-ups so we will put this on hold for the time being but come and see me or Nigel Watson if you would like something organised. We are looking to hold mixed group competitions on bank holidays so please keep an eye out for these and join in if you can.

Lee is holding coaching roll-ups in the mornings, Tuesdays – ladies, Wednesdays – seniors and juniors at weekends, £10 includes coffee and coaching! He is looking to start evening coaching sessions during the summer one evening in the week, let us know if this will be of interest – everyone welcome!