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The course at Rusper gives golfers a gentle start, the first 4 holes getting you into your stride. Following on from the 5th hole accuracy from the tee is at a premium but there are no long carries to deter the shorter hitter. Holes 8 to 14 are sometimes called “Amen Corner” (shades of Augusta!) but they are a challenge and keeping the ball in play is the way to make a good score. For more details please click on the individual hole images

1st Hole

A gentle start, but from the tee be aware of the pond on the right and OoB on the left, and behind the right to left sloping green.
Par 4 – White 294 – Yellow 277 – Red 269

2nd Hole

A slight dog leg to the left. Don’t be too greedy or the well placed bunkers and rough will catch you out.
Par 4 – White 371 – Yellow 357 – Red 352

3rd Hole

A tighter drive than the opening holes but a good one is rewarded with a shot to the green. Pictured from behind the green.
Par 5 – White 485 – Yellow 472 – Red 402

4th Hole

The shortest par 3 for the men. Downhill with water on the right. An extra club may be needed if the pin is at the back of the green.
Par 3 – White 181 – Yellow 156 – Red 144.

5th Hole

The second par 5 and another straight drive required. Slight dog leg to the left with trees protecting the green.
Par 5 – White 522 – Yellow 508 – Red 422

6th Hole

Sharp dog leg to the left. Don’t try to cut off too much of the corner as bunkers are placed to trap the shot over the trees.
Par 4 – White 320 – Yellow 310 – Red 294

7th Hole

Deceptive par 3 with a ditch along the right and OoB on the left. Do not climb the fence to find lost golf balls! Be aware of players on the 13th tee.
Par 3 – White 188 – Yellow 183 – Red 175

8th Hole

A tricky tree lined par 4 with OoB on the left. A good drive can be rewarded with a par.
Par 4 – White 447 – Yellow 432 – Red 394 (Par 5)

9th Hole

Long and straight par 5. Fairway slopes from left to right off the tee. Have fun if the flag is at the back of the green.
Par 5 – White 548 – Yellow 525 – Red 487

10th Hole

Narrow landing area for the big hitters off the tee. A pond on the left and trees on the right.
Par 4 – White 430 – Yellow 393 – Red 364 (Par 5)

11th Hole

Short par 3 for the ladies but the men have to take on the water to a tricky two tiered green.
Par 3 – White 206 – Yellow 187 – Red 136

12th Hole

Uphill all the way. Watch the wind beyond the tree lined fairway.
Par 4 – White 420 – Yellow 403 – Red 357

13th Hole

Par 5 with a dog leg left to start. Be sensible off the tee. Tree lined approach to a sloping left to right green.
Par 5 – White 509 – Yellow 490 – Red 484

14th Hole

Two shots to the green for the big hitters or play short of the water and pitch close for your par.
Par 4 – White 401 – Yellow 384 – Red 345

15th Hole

Tree lined par 4. Stay down the middle for your best approach to the green.
Par 4 – White 410 – Yellow 390 – Red 383

16th Hole

Widest fairway on the course so let it rip. Beware of the green sloping down front to back.
Par 4 – White 413 – Yellow 398 – Red 351

17th Hole

A semi-blind and uphill short hole, with a bunker in front and more to the left. Take sufficient club to make the carry to the two-stepped green.
Par 3 – White 183 – Yellow 152 – Red 145

18th Hole

Nearly back for a well earned drink. Mind the ditch in front of the green.
Par 4 – White 396 – Yellow 350 – Red 346